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The World of the Djinn and their Vessels

The Blue Water Djinn

In the never ending search for new exciting artefacts and exhibits for our museum we found the Djinn. An ancient society that live in a dimension outside of space and time.

Tina:"Always irks me when artists say in relation to space and time, it's like they can't think of anything so blurt out the old space and time."

Rachel:"Quiet I am trying to write!"

The existence of the Djinn predates the time of humans, they can pass into our realm and as quickly pass out.

Tina: "Did you want to say pass out? sounds like they fainted".

Rachel: "Will you shove off!".

Like humans the Djinn have a hierarchy their colour relating to type and age, the blue of water, the green of...

Tina:"Don't say grass".

Rachel:"Do you want to write this?"

The green of the land. Red being the most mischievous of the Djinn, they are said to be the smoke without flame, the Loki of the Djinn. In keeping with their type they choose earthly vessels in which to sleep whilst in our realm. The Vessel is fluid to the movement of the Djinn, it's surface becoming unique to the entity's ebb and flow. A symbiotic entanglement enhancing each other.

Tina: "I am making a cup of tea, want one?"...

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