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 Tina Lane 


The Museum of Catergorisation is primarily about fun; the underlying theme is a take on the formal image that is often given to fine art. So as an artist I wanted to allow the viewer into my world, which is far from formal. My primary interest is the material and the process. As a maker I take great pleasure in creating my sculptures, the inarticulate structures that allow the viewer to see what they want to see and question what is an object of desire and is it actually tangible. 


I often retro relate meanings to my works, but feel to exact this is removing something from the viewer and the work itself, ambiguity and intrigue are interesting concepts in their own right. 


In the museum I have began the process of retro relating what I see, but this is incomplete, as part performance in which I will be present as the ‘Chief Archiver and ‘Latinisationer’, I am also able to listen to what the viewers think and incorporate this to the works in the form of ‘naming’ and the pieces narratives.

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